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    Default InstaGC was created in February 2011 and is the top rewards site that offers instant gift cards to its members. Over 100 different options are available (example of a few -> Amazon, eBay, League of Legends, Pizza Hut, Target, Walmart) that you can redeem your points for. Tons of easy offers available with new ones added daily. There are daily, weekly, and monthy offer and referral contests as well.

    I've so far claimed 12 in Amazon vouchers from this site and it is very good to credit! You can do surveys which offer up a huge amount and will also credit you for them! I tend to watch videos mainly and do a few surveys every now and then and maybe download a few apps as you get a good amount for them too!

    If you're interested I'd appreciate you using my referral code through the link at the top! Thanks!
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    instaGC is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn gift cards and cash in exchange for watching videos, testing apps, shopping, and completing tasks and surveys. Members of the website are called "instaGC'ers".



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